Eligible Candidates

Students enrolled in the following levels will be eligible to participate in the respective papers as shown in the table below:

Awards Structure

Top 40% of participants, locally, are awarded certificates and medals according to the table below:

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to students outside the top 40%.

How to Enrol?

For Schools

• Appoint a representative for your school or organisation

• Contact your local SEAMO Partner

• Proceed as per instructions from your local SEAMO Partner

• Should you require assistance, Contact Us

For Individuals

• Ensure you are not enrolled via your school or organisation

• Proceed to fill the Online Registration Form

• Make payment by following the instructions on the form

Country Representatives (SEAMO Partners)

Singapore: Singapore Asia Publishers

Indonesia: Edukultur Indonesia

India: FIITJEE Limited

Malaysia: Singapore Math Academy

Philippines: MathDAP

Thailand: Phi