Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad

Mathematical Olympiad competitions are popular among many top, prestigious, schools. However, most of these competitions are very challenging and the novice participants usually do not fare well. This leads to them being discouraged from participating in future competitions for fear of failure. In addition, there have been complaints from teachers and parents that the concepts being tested are overly intricate and beyond the understanding of even the very talented students.
In order to assist the students, we took the initiative to research for types of questions to bridge the wide gap. We want to provide a tool to stretch the novice Olympians a little at a time, let them experience success and be motivated to continue and move progressively until they reach excellence for other more challenging Maths Olympiad competitions. After rigorous review, we found that these questions are most appropriate for our students in Southeast Asia.
This year 2016 SEAMO is taking flight. We are seeking for support from Principals, Maths HODs, teachers, parents and students to help to grow this competition.


Our Vision

• To be a platform to identify and discover mathematical talents through creative challenges

Our Mission

• To inspire and to embrace more enthusiastic young minds to take part in and enjoy Mathematical Olympiad
• To provide resources for students of various levels to hone their problem-solving skills and to prepare for more challenging mathematical competitions

Information for Candidates

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We are thrilled you want to get involved with SEAMO. You will have the opportunity to make maths fun and engaging for all of your students - whether they already love math and need to be challenged, or whether they fear math and need to gain confidence in their own abilities.

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Approximately eight weeks after students' responses are received for processing, results are posted on the website. Students with the top scores in each category are awarded a medal and a medal winner’s certificate. Congratulations to all of these high achievers!

Download Resources

To find out more about the areas assessed, download our SEAMO syllabus. Each year, our team of Maths Olympiad experts develop the tests with reference to the scope of the syllabus. SEAMO sample papers are also available as free Maths Olympiad resources.

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